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About Us

Characters Assemble makes parties it's business, we send your favorite characters to make your moments magical



The job of a princess isn't to entertain, look pretty, or impress. The job of a princess is to inspire, connect and love. 

When a princess gives a hug she holds on and is never the first one to let go. She makes sure that they feel loved.

When a princess tells a story she engages everyone in her story and loves to listen.

The job of a princess is to show children how important they are.

The job of a princess is, to be honest and true, not to be perfect. She shows that it's okay to be silly or make mistakes. She shows that we can all be like her.

A princess's job is not to oversee activities. A princess's job is to play and show that even their heroes enjoy spending time with them.

When a princess speaks with a child she doesn't follow a script she is creating a personal bond.

Most of all a princess is magic. She is so real and so kind. She is just how you imagined. You know she is magic because of how she makes you feel.

The Owners

Kaylee and Rachel Simpson, a mother-daughter duo, founded this company with the aim of creating enchanting experiences. Rachel, a mother of four, extends her love to all those she serves. With decades of experience as a seamstress and stylist, she now employs these talents at Characters Assemble.

Kaylee is a versatile member of the team, bringing her skills as an actress, apprentice seamstress, and design engineer into play.

The decision to start our own company was driven by a few compelling reasons. First and foremost, as Christians, we were committed to providing services that align with our beliefs. Our costumes are designed to be modest, we observe a day of rest on Sundays, and our actors genuinely care for children. We maintain high standards, recognizing the preciousness of each child. Equally significant are the adults we serve, which is why we prioritize building relationships and delivering top-quality costumes and services.

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